10 Important Items That Must Be Taken When Traveling!

Traveling is a very important thing. However, many of us who underestimate or don’t even have time for packing before traveling. As a result, there are only important items left behind because they were forgotten to carry.
If you are like this, the holiday becomes less comfortable. Especially if the item is so important that you can’t help but have to buy it again at the destination. The cost of the holiday swelled

1. Backpack for Comfortable Traveling

Yup, a backpack is the first important item that you must carry when traveling. Why? Because when traveling to nature tourism, the terrain is quite heavy, carrying a beautiful bag or small bag will be a hassle. Better to bring a backpack so you don’t have to carry another tote.
Backpack also makes it easy for you to bring drinking water, laptops, DSLRs and other items. Its strong and comfortable design can also make traveling even more flexible.

2. Bring a Small Towel to Be More Hygienic

Many travelers forget to bring this important item. As a result, the body is not dried properly and arises from phlegm or itching. If this happens, traveling, which was intended to relieve fatigue, actually makes it a bad mood.
Maybe the hotel where you stay provides towels, but it’s better to bring your own small towel to make it more hygienic.

3. Cover all functions

This item is very important because it can be used in various situations. You can make it as a blanket, sleeping mat, beach cloth, seat mat, emergency towel, or even as a cool photo property.

4. Comfortable Footwear

Nothing can be predicted while traveling. Even though you don’t intend to travel far by foot, there is a possibility that the vehicle’s location you cannot go through.
So, comfortable footwear is very useful so that the feet do not get scratched and the movement is not hampered. If possible, choose waterproof shoes or footwear.

5. Bring Cash for Convenience

This is a problem that travelers often encounter, especially those who always rely on cards for payment instruments. While traveling, don’t forget to take cash. Not all places can swipe the card, it’s a hassle if you have to walk far just to find an ATM. Even vacation time will be wasted.
Also prepare small money for parking, pay for buskers, or just buy something in a small shop.

6. Dry and Wet Wipes

Other important items to carry are dry and wet tissues. Both of these objects are very useful for cleaning or drying the body, wiping down eating utensils, when going to the toilet, or cleaning other items.
Not infrequently the tourist sites visited were flooded and made wet feet. At this time, tissue is useful to clean the dirt that sticks.

7. Makeup and Lotion for an OK Look

Who doesn’t want to look okay when traveling? Well for that, don’t forget to bring makeup to cover your face’s shortcomings. As simple as lipstick and powder must be brought.

8. Headsets are Important Items!

This important item must be carried everywhere. The headset will help you listen to songs or watch movies more comfortably and not disturb others. Traveling while listening to songs can also make you more excited, especially if you walk alone.

9. Travel Charger or Universal Adapter

A true traveler won’t forget to bring a universal adapter. The reason is, not all hotels have universal plugs. Don’t let your vacation die in style just because you can’t charge the gadget.

10. Medicines for Emergency Situations

Health during vacation is very important. Don’t ignore the body condition that feels bad. Treat it immediately so the holiday is always vibrant and energetic. For that, bring important medicines when traveling, such as medication for headaches, medicine for stomach ulcers, herbal influx, eucalyptus oil, and others.