Tips for the Most Efficient Packing Before You Vacation

Packing is one of the travel preparation activities that is very troublesome when you don’t know how.

One of the things that is troublesome and takes time when going to travel is packing or packing. In addition to consuming time, packing also often takes power because they have to think hard which items must be taken and which items must be left behind, all the items feel important. Especially if you rarely travel that must force you to bring your needs more than one day.
Here are the packing tips that you can do. You are better prepared to enjoy your trip.

1. Create a List

Making a list is necessary so that no objects are left out. In addition, creating a list can help you sort things that don’t need to be carried.
When making a list, make sure you know what you will do when you are traveling. Avoid carrying less needed or easily found when we are at your destination. Make sure the items you put in your backpack are objects that are really needed and cannot be found when traveling.

2. Roll the shirt

Rolling clothes is the right way to maximize the use of space in your backpack. When you want to roll up your clothes, make sure your clothes are clothes that are not easily wrinkled to roll.
This is an exception when you have a shirt with material that is easily wrinkled, no need to roll it, fold it into the smallest size that is efficient.

3. Categorize Your Items

Categorize your belongings, from clothes, toiletries, electronic items, documents, to cables. Making a category like this to make it easier to check which objects have not been carried. After you have categorized all the objects, enter the items per category into bags, plastic or other small places, so that it will be easier to enter the input removing items based on the categories of objects.

The use of this small bag is also useful to avoid items that are mixed or tucked inside your backpack. The use of small bags when going to do packing will make it easier for your imagination to make the scenario of inserting these small bags into a backpack. This will save you a lot of time so you don’t have to put your things in again because of the wrong place in your backpack.

4. Arrange Items Based on Required Priorities First

The preparation of good items is based on how often the object is needed. Bath amenities and bathing suits, of course, we just remove when we have entered the inn. Unlike the camera or tissue that you will need more often while on the go. Use a backpack with plenty of pockets available, making it easier for you to separate and retrieve these items which you will need more often.

5. Use a Small Bag for Main Objects

Bring a small bag that you can use anywhere without disturbing your activities. You can fill this small bag with important and valuable objects, such as cellphones, wallets, tickets, lodging keys or others. Small bags like this also make it easier for you to move without having to go back and forth to lower your backpack.

6. Bring Supplies of Plastic Bags and Rubber Bands

Provide a plastic bag and rubber band that you can tuck in your backpack’s small pocket. Pastel bags can be used such as in the rain to protect your wallet and cellphone. Bringing rubber will also be useful for tidying your charger and earphone cables while in a backpack.

7. Bring Multifunction Goods

Multifunctional use of items will summarize the amount of your luggage. Such as when you feel that you have enough using a cellphone camera, then you no longer need to carry a camera other than a cellphone camera. You can also insert other small but important objects into your default list.

8. Insert the Backup Money in the Reachable Section

Don’t save money in one place, the point is to avoid losing all your money when bad things happen to you. Insert part of your backpack that is not easy to reach or not easily visible.